POS stands for Point of Sale. It is used at business locations or offices where goo5ds or services are sold to customers and clients. With POS (Point of Sale) system, you can record all your customer sales transactions and store your sales information in your cloud or device. With POS, you can get the details of the goods and services you are selling.

Knowing this, you have to make sure that you choose the best POS software for your business. But before you choose POS (Point of sale) software, you have to make sure it possesses some features. Here are the common features of POS software:

  1. Accounts receivable
  2. Accounts Payable
  3. Point of sale
  4. Inventory control
  5. Payroll
  6. Shop management
  7. General Ledger
  8. Customer Tracking and Follow Up
  9. EDI (Electronic Ordering)
  10. Automatic Price Updates
  11. Automatic Purchase Order Creation
  12. Bar Code Scanning

Typically, POS software is very beneficial to your business. Now let’s talk about the best POS systems for small business in 2017.

  1. Vend is part of the best POS system software. It is designed for iPad, and it is used by retail businesses to manage customers, sales, and inventory at an affordable cost. It is a very flexible POS app that can be customized to support the entry of data with a mouse, touch screen, or keyboard.

  1. Shopify POS. It is a Point of sale system by the Shopify eCommerce suite. The POS system is offered on iPhone and iPad. You can also use the application to manage your physical and online stores.

  1. It is a retail-based POS system designed to assist business owners efficiently. The system is very easy to use; it is also stable and affordable. Erply is a cloud-based Point of sales and inventory management that can manage multi-store businesses.

  1. Booker is a friendly POS system that can manage your business anywhere, anytime using the internet. The big advantage of Booker is that your customers can book classes and appointments conveniently anywhere, anytime through the website, mobile app, or social networks. Booker also enables to report and track all your business activities from anywhere.

  1. Toast POS. This POS system is designed for restaurants. The system helps users to keep their accounts updated conveniently and easily by offering quality and features that they can use to enhance customer satisfactions.

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